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Parking will be available in both the main lot near the track and also the Kelley St lot near the softball field. We are asking parents of grades 1-3 to park in the main lot. For grades 4-8, please use the Kelley St lot. Make your way to the “courts” behind the Old Gym at MMS.




The check-in desk will be located near the track (see below). Please go to the check-in desk to receive your court and POD assignment… wait what’s a POD? (… keep reading)



In order to remain “COVID safe”, players will be assigned to a “pod” of 4 shooters within their age group. While the first two shooters in the pod are on the court, the other two are waiting off to the side. They will take turns switching on and off till each shooter in the pod has had two turns to record a score.



Spectators are allowed to take photos and videos while their player is on the court. We ask that spectators remain socially distanced while doing so. All players whose pods are not on the court will remain socially distanced in the designated waiting areas until their pod is on the court.



Each player will have 2 turns to score as many points as possible. After 2 turns, we will keep the higher of the scores as the players final score. The highest score wins! For more information, please refer to the Hot Shots 2020 Rules and Scoring doc.



We are aiming to keep all players, volunteers and spectators safe at all times. Please see our COVID safety sheet for detailed information. Masks are required for players, volunteers and spectators.



At the end of each session, prizes will be awarded to the winner of each age group!


Come on down and cheer on your friends, neighbors and all the kids at this exciting event. Get a snack from the ice cream truck or visit the DJ and lets have some fun!!!!