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What is March Madness?
March Madness is our end of year tournament for all Intramural teams Grades 4-8.
When does March Madness take place?
March Madness starts the Saturday after our regular season completes. Quarter and Semi-Final rounds play out on day 1. Championships are played on day 2.
How many games will my child play?
That depends on how many teams are in your child's league and how well they do. Each team is guaranteed at least one game as all teams make the tournament regardless of their regular season record.
Are all games completed on that first Saturday?
Possibly for 4th Grades comprised of only 4 teams. Grade 5-8 play their championships at our High School on another date. That date is dependent on the Metro West Travel tournament schedule and High School Varsity tournament games.
Why are MABA Intramural finals dependent on the Metro West Travel schedule?
Many of our Intramural players also play in the Travel program. To ensure that teams remain balanced and that all children have opportunity to play in our Intramural finals, the MABA board does its best to avoid conflicts.
Who or what determines team seeding for the tournament?
Lead Coach keeps win/loss records for each team throughout the season. This determines seeding for the March Madness Tournament. Head-to-head competition then a coin flip is used to resolve ties.